In a musical landscape crammed with countless bands vying for the attention of music fans, how does one stand out from the crowd? For the Dani Paige Band the formula is simple: write great, melodic songs that sound contemporary and classic at the same time; have a dynamic singer with a unique voice who can deliver the songs; and a versatile, rock-solid band that powers the engine of this sleek machine. In fact, if the Dani Paige Band were a car, it would be a candy-apple red convertible sports car with the top down and the stereo blasting.

Singing along to that stereo in a spirited, soul-drenched voice is Dani Paige herself, who has drawn comparisons to singers such as Joss Stone, Janis Joplin and Grace Potter, and who brings a unique voice and presence that capture the listener and drive the show. At the wheel of the convertible is Paige's songwriting partner and guitarist, Jesse DeCarlo, whose understated style recalls soul-rock greats such as Steve Cropper, but who can crank it up and channel Jack White or Jimmy Page. The current band includes bassist Nat Shuirman and drummer Keith Wieland, both of whom lock onto a groove and refuse to let go. 

The Dani Paige Band came roaring out of the gate from the start with its critically acclaimed debut CD “Love That Fire” in 2008, quickly gaining a loyal following by playing clubs, festivals and concerts up and down the West Coast. Before long the band was opening for artists such as Los Lobos, Jonny Lang, Leon Russell, George Thorogood and Pat Benatar. After a short hiatus to recharge, write new songs and plan the next step on their journey, the Dani Paige Band is ready to take to the highways, rev up audiences large and small and make new fans.

Press Reviews

Coming out of Monterey like a bullet, Dani Paige is the sort of full-throated singer who commands an audience like a force of nature... It's a full-frontal assault of blues and soul power... The chops and the talent are in full supply with Paige and her band; it's only a matter of time until A&R agents come calling.
Metro Santa Cruz (Dec 31, 2008)
This band brings the soul out of you! Get on down and kick off your shoes! Great, heartfelt and honest vocals, a funky sound, hot sax, excellent bass line and lead, plus the drummer rocks the house down!
Hot on the heels of its new release, 'Love That Fire,' the Dani Paige Band lights into Moe's with its vibrant rock and soul. Frontwoman Paige has garnered rave reviews from local media for the richness and strength of her powerful voice. Tonight the up-and-coming group splits the bill with Santa Cruz's own Nightsweat, which plays a blazing fusion of soul, blues, funk and psychedelic covers and originals.
- Santa Cruz Sentinel (Aug 26, 2008)
This is soulful rock of the first order.
Mac McDonald - Monterey County Herald (May 1, 2008)
[Dani Paige is] one of the most promising vocalists in the Bay Area.
John Scott - (Oct 1, 2008)