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Saw you at the Uptown in Napa and LOVED YA! When are you coming to the Empress in Vallejo?
Great show last night at Uptown Theater in Napa!!!
Great show at the Napa Uptown!! My wife couldn't make it but loves the "Ima Tshirt" CD!! (AND the Tshirt).
dear Dani I haven 't seen you since the last years Portland Waterfront Festival, but I have been a fan ever since. I hope to see you before too long... I did note and feel the the concern and pull of the condidtion of your mom Alison and her battle and your presence with her. I still feel and affirm your efforts and care for family... I lost my mom to Alzheimers in April and it was 11 years... from losing a good friend--one of the best----to taking care of someone who I loved no matter what ... and trying to do right by them... even without much information or input...except from medical professionals... who...at best...did not live inside her heart or brain... I know you will and have been carrying on with your music and will be even more powerful and soulful as you process your time with your mom and her place in your life... love and support.. empathy Tom Edminster Pacifica CA
We saw you opening for Pat Benatar. I won't even try to describe how deeply we were jazzed and moved by the performance. Words can't do it. We expected to see you at the end of the concert, but we were too slow, or in the wrong place, or something. It put us in seach for this website. We will be following your calendar for another opportunity to see you perform. A little tough since we live in Redding, but you make things work when something is important enough. This is!! Thank you for the most magical part of the evening.
we were Monterey last weekend 7-18-2010 for my wife's birthday. My wife and i stumbled into Sly Mc Flys for something to eat and when i saw a band setting up i said lets hang and see how well they perform, wow! i was really impressed with the band and Dani they funked up alot of old tunes and even a prince tune way cool being a bass player i usually listen to the bottom end and nat was there man when i get back to Monterey i'll make sure to check them out again. thanks for the good tunes and fun. abel
i was interested in booking your band @ The Brookdale Lodge sometime in the future , i took a listen liked what i heard i do have some dates in Sept and Oct but there going fast i havent gotten to November or december yet good stuff keep rockin !!! steve
You very hot hot hot. heard for first time @ Portland Blues Festival. you are a very talented babe and your band does you great justice... got some decent pics of you while I danced... THANK YOU
That was a great performance at the Portland show. And to catch the Corvallis show was a lot of fun as well. So glad to have been able to have some fun with all of you, Hope the pics I took were awesome. I'll check back to see some of them on this site soon. Cheryl
Wow! thought there would be way more people here. You guys sound great.
First non band member to sign!
I do. :)
Nobody likes to be the first one on the dance floor.